These are the tools I’m using, the bits of code I’m copying and the books I’m reading. I’ll do my best to keep this updated. Inspired by Sawyer Hollenshead.


  • Gulp – “a toolkit that helps you automate painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow”.
  • Fitvids.js — Make Vimeo & YouTube videos responsive.
  • Picturefill — Responsive images
  • Adaptive Images – The simplest and cheapest way to add properly scaled images.

Apps and add-ons

  • Tweetbot (Mac or iOS) — Twitter client, for Mac and iOS
  • Atom — Code editor
  • Anvil — Easy .test URLs for local development
  • Slack — Necessary for any team communication.
  • Day One – Simple journalling. Possibly the nicest Markdown editor.
  • Sketch – If I do web mockups, it’s done in an old copy of Sketch.

Online Tools

  • CodePen – Great for testing bits of code.
  • Hemingway – Online editor helps to make your writing “bold and clear”






• Keep Cup

  • Fred Water Flask – Water on the go
  • S’well Bottle – Keeps my coffee warm at the office
  • MacBook Pro for work, iPad Air for leisure and iPhone 6s on the go
  • Finchtail – Handy cardboard iPhone/iPad stand