Style Guide

Writing Style Guide


Use the Canadian spellings and accents over the American versions in every case.

Colour, Centre, Manoeuvre, Montréal, Résumé


Visual Style Guide

Heading Level One

This is reserved for use as the page title. In almost every case, this is automatically set by the post/page title. This is what a link looks like.

Heading Level Two

The second level heading should be used to separate text into sections. This is what italic text looks like. Use italics for emphasis. Italics should also be used for titles of published works: The Shape of Design or The New York Times. Prefer italics over bold text for emphasis.

Heading Level Three

The third level headings are even less important than the previous two—but you probably know that by now.

Heading Level Four

This is rarely used, but this is what it looks like. Below you will find examples of unordered and ordered lists.

  1. Numbered list item
  2. Numbered list item
  3. Numbered list item

Use the alt tag to describe the image

Blockquotes should be used when referencing text from another source—either written, or verbal. Currently this is not designed to be a pull quote referencing something noteworthy within the article.

this is what a short string of code looks like.