“Everything happens so much” – @horse_ebooks

“Creative confidence can be a fragile thing. There are often many reasons why a great idea shouldn’t happen and it’s up to you to articulate why it should. We’ve supported each other’s ideas and pushed each other to follow through on those ideas.” – Gail Bichler

“If your message is familiar, make sure your voice is new. If your voice sounds familiar, make sure your message is new.” – Christopher Doyle

“Less, but better.” – Dieter Rams

“Remember—typographic resistance to US pressure begins at home.” – Darren Stebeleski

“If there’s nothing new under the sun, let’s head to the moon!” – Jay Argaèt at Circles Conference

“We are continually faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insolvable problems.” – John W Gardner

“Make new things until all things are made new.” – Alex Medina

“If you keep your mind resting against the subject in a friendly, but persistent way, sooner or later you will get a reward from your unconscious.” – John Cleese

“I’d say slow down, find a quiet place, and create time for solitude so you can hear yourself. It’s so noisy out there. And find the good ones around you – the patient, compassionate, and interested – then elevate the conversation as often as you can. The things that nourish you are also the things that will nourish your work, give it purpose, depth, and soul. It’s hard to say what those things may be, but life has taught me over and over that, you don’t need to know if you are willing to ask.” – Frank Chimero