Post 3/3 as a part of Bring Back Blogging. 🎉

Yesterday in the office, we talked about the music that we listen to while working. If I’m writing code or thinking in language, I tend to favour instrumental or ambient music. If the work is a bit more external and visual, like layout and design, then I’m open to a variety.

Here are a few albums that have been in my rotation at the office:

I tend to select albums most often, but when I can’t think of any in particular, I have a few regular playlists to fall back on. Some of the ones listed here are a style of playlist that I differentiate as a “collection”. They aren’t built with a regular playlist structure. The songs aren’t in any particular order, and often they contain full albums or large portions. “Collections” are meant to be listened to in shuffle order.

For Apple Music users, Apple curates a playlist that I enjoyed listening to, called New Latitudes.