Post 2/3 as a part of Bring Back Blogging.

Yesterday, Noah Jacobus started his new blog. It’s called Small Yay, because he’s an icon sommelier. For his opening post, he revealed some “potential” posts he’s working on. I’m looking forward to reading these when they’re published, but I found it interesting just to see kinds of posts he’s thinking about.

Borrowing that idea, here are the working titles for a few drafts in my folder:

  • “2.5D Design” – On a small 3D graphic design trend I noticed, or at least connected
  • “What I Want in a Music Streaming Service” – On how I listen to music, testing Spotify and Apple Music, and probably just a love letter to Rdio
  • “Publishing a Podcast” – On my setup for my (old?) podcast, from recording to publishing
  • “Wordlelikes” – On Wordle, and similar small games
  • “Ways of Seeing and Mysterious Value” – On John Berger’s concept of mysterious value in Ways of Seeing, and the echoes of that in NFTs. Might be too late for this one.
  • “Design in Outer Wilds” – On the graphic design in the brand and interface of Outer Wilds by Mobius Digital
  • “What I Read While Building This – A collection of articles that I read while migrating this very website to Eleventy
  • “Music in Place” – On listening to music in a specific place and how memories forever tie the two together

Some of these drafts were started as far back as 2020. If any of these sound interesting, let me know. I’ll come back and add links to any that may be published in the future.

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