I’m still trying to figure the best way to share links with this blog. Josh Ginter’s The Newsprint has a separate “Fresh Links” section dedicated to this. kottke.org has links mixed in with other posts. Noah Jacobus has his “Enjoyment Roundup” series, first started on Twitter, where he posts a regular format “whenever [he has] experienced enough different things across various media that pique [his] interest.”

Do I include these links in the main RSS feed, or an optional second feed?

Here is my first attempt at a solution: a collection of links from the past month. A few to read, a few to listen to, and a few to watch. Pick and choose whichever links sound interesting. We’ll find out on 28 February if this sticks.





Thanks for reading. Send me your favourite links, or let me know what you think of this format on Mastodon or Twitter.