In case you missed February, here’s the second edition of my collection of links from the month. It’s a habit now.

A few weeks ago, Yannick Schutz wrote the first blog post that mentions one of my blog posts. That was a special moment for me. Merci, Yannick. He also shared some thoughts with me about sharing links, and I hope to have more to say on that shortly.

Here’s February 2023:



  • Norm by Andy Shauf – In typical fashion, Andy crafts another story told over the course of the whole album. CanCon!
  • Let’s-a Go! by Louie Zong – a silly reworking of Mario tracks as Italo disco


A little game

If you read this, uh, let me know if these lists are too long or too short. There will probably be less AI chat posts for me to recommend next month.