After seeing friends sharing their Spotify Wrappeds, and Apple Music Replays, I joked on Twitter:

I’d like to see Paprika Wrapped. I want to know which recipes my friends have been cooking most this year.
@jondueck on Twitter

Paprika, here, is the recipe management app that I use on MacOS and iOS. I think it’s a little funny to imagine their take on Spotify Wrapped, but I also sincerely think that it would be interesting to see which dishes my friends are making the most often.

I have no real way of knowing which recipes were my most frequently-cooked, but here are a few of my regulars that I went for in the kitchen this year.

Two-Hour Weeknight Pizza

Recipe by Ethan Chlebowski

While this recipe has started to be replaced by Ooni’s Classic Pizza Dough, Ethan’s recipe was the recipe I used for most of the year.

Sheet Pan Bibimbap

Recipe by Eric Kim for the New York Times

Easy and flexible. I often made this after grocery shopping – putting away the groceries while the vegetables roasted.

Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich

Recipe by Ethan Chlebowski

Masa Pancakes

Recipe by Alan Delgado of Xilonen for Epicurious

A great twist on pancakes. The masa adds a nice bit of floral freshness. I liked getting the masa started first thing in the morning, going for a walk around the neighbourhood, and then coming back to make the pancakes.

BA’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe by Chris Morocco for Bon Appétit

My go-to cookie the last two or three years. Takes a bit of extra time with browning the butter, but really not too much work. A big hit with my friends.

If you’re reading this, I’d love to know what your regular recipes were this year.