The Web We Want

I recently came across, a website “to collect your feedback about the current state of the web and to give you a voice to help shape its future.” I think that’s a worthwhile mission. Sometimes the process of bringing new features to browsers feels a tad esoteric, and maybe this will be a way to start some discussions on features that developers would like to see.

If you build websites, you inevitably run into problems. Maybe there’s no way to achieve an aspect of your design using CSS. Or maybe there’s a device feature you really wish you could tap into using JavaScript. Or perhaps the in-browser DevTools don’t give you a key insight you need to do your job. We want to hear about it!

Another thing I found interesting about this project is their approach to upvoting. Rather than a button on their site, they use webmentions, so suggestions receive “votes” based on how people are actually talking about them.

Our voting system is a little different because we respect your privacy. We don’t want to require you to have an account on this site because (frankly) we have no interest in your personal information. We also want you to own your vote, so we opted to use webmentions as our voting system. Votes are tallied from webmention “bookmarks” and “likes” of each want’s page. These could be hand-crafted webmentions sent from your own site or shares and likes on social media.

For example, if I want to boost something that I would find valuable – container queries, for example – all I have to do is share a link to the post, as I am doing here.